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Santa Maria di Leuca is a small tourist town but with many attractions, such as beautiful landscapes and spectacular sea.

The best way to enjoy so much beauty is to take advantage of the tours of Santa Maria di Leuca.

At the end of the Salento peninsula, in the inlet between Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso, stands Santa Maria di Leuca.

It is the pearl of the far reaches of Italy that offers its visitors a spectacle of rare beauty, historical and naturalistic interest.

In fact, it is very interesting to discover these places through

Tour to Santa Maria di Leuca

but also more generally in Salento, where it is possible to take incredible itineraries.

Furthermore, Santa Maria di Leuca, is made up of one of the most beautiful stretches of coast of Salento.

In addition to this, Leuca, alternating with cliffs and sandy coves, where you can find beautiful karst caves.

In addition, the clear and transparent sea with its colorful backdrops is an undisputed attraction for diving tourism.

Furthermore, the geographical position has developed a very rich culture, which is reflected in the marvelous villas, with their turrets with Moorish motifs.

Visiting these beauties through the tours of Santa Maria di Leuca with our e-bikes will be a unique experience.

The white lighthouse tower stands on a high and rocky promontory, surrounded by the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Leuca.

It was also elevated to a minor basilica in 1990 and connected to the port below by a sumptuous staircase of 184 steps.

These artistic and natural beauties make Leuca a fascinating and unforgettable tourist resort, the most enchanting in the Mediterranean.

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